COMING TRIPS  July - Sept  Click this link to go to online calender

Day Trips:
Depart from and return to a convenient point on the side of town near to the destination. Non-members are asked to phone the trip leader in advance. If you doubt your suitability for a day-trip, or if the weather is turning bad, contact the trip leader beforehand. A phone inquiry does not oblige you to go on the trip.

Weekend Trips:
May leave on a Friday night (usually for base camps) or Saturday morning. Please book with the trip leader by the closing date. Be certain you want to go on the trip when booking, as it is not fair on the leader to withdraw after the closing date (good excuses excepted).Numbers on some weekend trips are limited, so book promptly.

Bike Trips:
For up-to-date details of any biking trips highlighted below please contact
Rick Bolch ph 980 5156 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. unless otherwise stated.