Broken River Hut 16-17 April 2016

Flock Hill’s manager, couldn’t be contacted for permission to take the Winding Creek route to Broken River Hut but four of us set out for the area anyway. We dropped in to the Flock Hill HQ and asked directly but that met with a firm NO. Plan B was to drive almost to Cass and take the Craigieburn Road with its many rail crossings and fourteen gates to a car park just short of Avoca Homestead. DoC has lovingly restored this house built in 1906 and it’s now a unique hut. See the video describing it and surrounds at:

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Ahuriri Canyon Creek, Easter, 24-28 March 2016

I first did this trip at Easter 2010 with Joy Schroeder and Dan Pryce. This time we set out on the Thursday evening, with a wettish takeaway stop in Geraldine, then joined the cavalcade of traffic heading south through the Mackenzie basin to arrive late at Omarama and put up the spare tent at the Top 10.

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Cass Saddle – Lagoon Saddle  5–6 March 2016

The designated trip was Deception – Goat Pass – Mingha but marginal weather forced a switch further east to the useful Cass – Lagoon circuit. Four of the seven booked for the original trip decided it was Goat Pass or nothing, leaving us with three. We drove to the road-side car-park to get ready then moved the car to the safer Cass settlement car park with its “under CCTV surveillance” sign.

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Mt Evans - Sun 13 March

Twelve eager trampers were gathered at the meeting place as a thirteenth, the leader, rolled up on the dot of eight.  Three cars parked at a spur just short of Camp Bay and the lucky thirteen walked from the gate up a minimal vehicle track. The track gives mighty views of Lyttelton Harbour and the plains and goes past some interesting crags.

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Mount Grey / Maukatere Forest  -  Sun 28 Feb 2016

With a good and slightly cooler forecast, seven of us started off on a Mount Grey circuit from the Grey River car park and picnic area along the Red Beech track. Most of the trip was in the trees, which gave some relief from the heat and at the first morning-tea stop (the stream crossing), Margot turned back with Gary, having given her recent knee surgery a good workout.

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