Hurunui Peak—Sunday 19 Feb 2017

While Chch had a grey day our eight were enjoying a sunny walk inland from Culverden. We parked at Korari Downs and quickly got reaquinted with the farm dogs. We were aware of their antics from last year. The lab arrived with a pine cone and dropped it at Norman’s feet. Norman understood the gesture and threw the cone for the enthusiastic dog. This game could have gone on and on if we’d obliged but we had a walk in mind. The other farm dog, a small mut wasn’t athletic at all. It lay at our feet and wanted its tummy scratched.

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Youngman’s Stream 11-12 February 2017

Three of us set off on this trip with a good weather forecast. It was my first time through Ashley Gorge to the Lees Valley and it was certainly an impressive drive in Keith’s trusty old ute. A couple of vehicles at the road end gave us hope that the hut would not be full but a tent was carried anyhow.

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Taipo Valley - Kelly Range – 29-30 October 2016

We were on the road by 8am leaving a slightly cool cloudy Christchurch. However the drive to Jacksons over the Otira Gorge was clear, promising blue sky in the afternoon. We parked the car at the Taipo Valley carpark and took 3 hours on a 4WD track to walk past the old Dillon Homestead to a modern Dillon Hut. Wet boots dried on a slightly breezy and sunny afternoon ready for the next day’s adventure. We had a relaxing afternoon, then enjoyed one of Kerry’s gourmet meals and the famous hot custard on gingernuts. The night was filled with clear sky and bright stars for those who ventured into the dark.

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Onamalutu Christmas Base Camp  24 Dec 16 – 2 Jan 17

For the first time for a number of years the Club ran a Christmas Base Camp this year. The venue was a DOC Campground, inland from Renwick in Marlborough off the Northbank Road of the Wairau River. This gave us access to a large range of tramping options along the eastern side of the Richmond Range. Access to the campground is on sealed roads from State Highway 6.

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Freehold Creek – Dumb-Bell Lake  21-23 October 2016

The three of us on the trip from Christchurch left Merv’s place at 3pm on Friday. It was a pleasant drive down south stopping for dinner in Twizel and arriving at our camping spot beside Lake Ohau, across the road from the DOC campsite at Lake Middleton, well before dark. We set up the Polaris tent and enjoyed a hot drink and the views across the still lake.

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