Basins Hut, Avoca July 30-31 2016

Saturday dawned with promise of a tramp to Basins Hut. As we got closer to Lake Coleridge, the rain got heavier and heavier. Not to be thwarted we continued on as the forecast was showers clearing. At the starting point of the tramp we had grave doubts as the small stream we had just crossed was a torrent charging under the bridge, and the sky very dark.  Not fancying being stuck on the far side of the Avoca river (even if we could cross it) we decide another hut would be preferable.  So with much thought, 13 mile Bush and Ben More Hut was decided on.  

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Gebbies - Packhorse – Orton Bradley — Sun 24 July 2016

Predicted rain and gusty NWers for the Paterson Hill environs made us switch to the Peninsula. Six of us parked at Gebbies Pass and set off in cool, sunny conditions. The initial part of the track was a bit slushy then we were on a carpet of pine needles. A logged area has pushed the track out onto grassland, then we were back in dense, dark forest.

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Woolshed Creek Base Camp - 18-19 June 2016

Woolshed Creek hut sounded like a great place for the weekend closest to the shortest day of the year to celebrate winter tramping at its finest, making the most of the short days tramping and the long nightseating and …  There are no stream crossings to contend with and the track is well defined and unlikely to be blocked by snow drifts unlike some other places we have visited.

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Mystery Lake is well named.  It might be located on Te Araroa but as you head past Lake Clearwater to the Potts River Bridge it is very difficult to see where a large lake could be located within the extensive tussock terraces south of the Dogs Range.  The inclusion of some of the historic station huts in the conservation estate has enabled this feature to be visited in a convenient weekend round trip.

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Lyndon Saddle - Camp Saddle  19 June 2016

Lesser mortals would have stayed home but weVesna Mojsilovic, Wang (SP) Alan Ross and Kerry Mooreignored the forecast of occasional showers and brisk wind. Our foursome parked at the Broken River camp-ground shelter very close to the main road.

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