Gloriana – Faerie Queene - 11-13 November 2016

The Gloriana – Faerie Queene jinx struck again!  The adverse long weekend weather forecast showed a possible easing on our Saturday climbing day so we set off with only one person withdrawing.   By the time we left the shuttle from Boyle Lodge, that easing had vanished but we were committed, so it was parkas on and off we went.  The rivers weren’t particularly high but wet conditions underfoot meant we were never going to break track records. 

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Mount Bradley / Eye of the Needle - November 13

The Return of the Seven once again gathered together, this time by PMH for our tramp to Mount Bradley, led by our adventurous leader Evelien. Our goal for the day was to locate and climb through The Eye Of The Needle, which we believed to be on the north side of the mountain.Once arrived at Orton Bradley and after paying the entrance fee it was just the question of boots and packs on, and raring to go.

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Cameron Hut & Peg Col – 1-3 October 2016

Funny how things sometimes work out for the better. This was scheduled to be Boulder Col which I have good memories of in Jan’99. Talking to Glenfalloch was frustrating with vehicle access now restricted to a car park on the eastern side of the station, adding a few kilometres of walking. ‘Why don’t you just walk up the river’ wasn’t helpful. Anyway, it was a niggle, but phoning Lake Heron Station for access beyond Lake Stream was the killer. ‘Gosh, I’ve got cattle over there until November. You would be very welcome any other time’. Friendly as ever, but no way did we want to push it, so a Plan B was needed

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Barker Hut – Labour Weekend with the “PACK-WEIGHT POLICE”

The trip started very normally for me and seemed so promising:  a Friday night walk in to Carrington hut with the last of the southerly showers greying out the tops intermittently.  While I don’t like to see Canada geese fouling our backcountry areas, I could not help but admire a beautiful nest Liz almost tripped over in a shallow scrape in the river gravels. Five large speckled brownish eggs were encircled by an exquisite fluffy ring of white down feathers, then an outer border of twigs. How does that all stay in place when the nor’wester blows?  Our torches were needed for the last section of travel as darkness overtook us.

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Mist Opportunity. Kowai Stream, Sunday 18 Sept 2016

Three cars carried 13 people to the big pines. We were hoping to walk up to The Gap via Kowai Stream. A rare addition to the team was Paul and Susan Bingham with 12 year old son Oliver who's already a veteran of many trips. 

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