Annette Plateau 17 – 20 March

While I’m rather partial to wee adventure in the hills, our recent PTC trip to the Annette Plateau delivered a little more of an adventure than I had expected…

So how did it all start? Plan A was a four day mod-hard trip to the Serpentine Range got abandoned with high travel costs for a party of three and uncooperative weather.  After some debate the Mt Cook region was closer, so the option of a 3 day trip to the Annette plateau got wings. Wow! I thought, another alpine trip! Yay!, I said, I’m keen! How often is the Plan B more exciting than plan A???

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Mt Cook Base 24-26 March

Our 8am departure from Kevin’s place was slightly delayed due to car swapping after Kevin saw just how small my Suzuki Swift bootspace is. Base camps mean quite a lot of extra gear such as chilly bins, pillows and liquid refreshments

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Our two cars of four people stopped at Fairlie for an early lunch and some of us realised for the first time why this place is a must-stop as we tucked into their famous pies. I can recommend the salmon and bacon. Ask Kevin for the list of Christchurch outlets if you don’t wish to drive to Fairlie.

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Walker Pass –Amber Col –Sudden Valley, 15- 16th March 2017

A little confused about the dates above? Yes, they are Wed – Thursday. Our PTC trip was listed in Footnotes for Sat 18 – Sun 19th March but by close off only one had enlisted. John Allan had phoned and questioned me about the route and timing as he had an OVER FORTIES group planning to go there on Wed – Thurs. He said the forecast was for a dying southerly Wed morning and fine on Thursday. If the PTC trip didn’t go, would I like to come? At noon on the Sunday I phoned John and said yes please. So this report is what PTC might have experienced.

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Five Passes 26 Feb 2017 – 4 March 201

Originally this trip was scheduled for a week earlier so we were all watching the weather forecast hoping for the window we needed before other commitments prevailed. Finally the “start packing” from our leader. The four of us met up in Glenorchy on the Sunday night at Bruce’s house (Penny’s friend) where not only did we have 5 star accommodation in a new house with views of the lake and the mountains but Bruce cooked us a fantastic meal which included fish he had caught in the lake himself and smoked. Thanks for your hospitality Bruce

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Murchison Glacier – Tasman Glacier 4-11 February 2017

New to the club, I heard of the annual Geoff Spearpoint alpine trip while on a club trip on Show Weekend.  I heard it was to be up the Murchison Valley and down the Tasman Glacier and it was suggested I might enjoy it.  No, I couldn’t make it as I had a week planned to go tramping with my daughter the week before.  But the seed was planted and it thrived. 

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