Nina - Lucretia - Brass Monkey - Lewis Tops 22-23 April 2017

Four signed on for this trip but on the day Merv and Kerry were waiting by Merv’s car for a no-show who’d cancelled at the last minute but the message didn’t get through on time. When Kerry checked his answering machine there was the message so we drove the short distance to Peter’s place and parked Merv’s car in favour of Peter’s smaller machine.

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Rod Donald Hut – 13-14 May 2017

4 of us set off from Kaituna Valley with the signpost saying 6-7 hours to the Hut. We climbed up from the valley and had a short break at the newly refurbished Pack Horse Hut, which is now an online booking hut.

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Mackenzies Peak – Easter 2017

You wouldn’t have seen this one on the program: the two-day trip was planned as a private trip with just me and a friend. But we were very happy when five “gatecrashers” from PTC joined us on account of unsuitable weather for their NW Nelson trip. We did invite them!

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Deception – Mingha  4-5 March 2017

The car off-loaded three people and four packs and drove back to Arthurs Pass village to park at DoC HQ. There it stayed for the two days waiting patiently for people to return. Kerry walked down to the shop and nabbed a ride from a tourist couple who’d been staying at the backpackers so he could start his walk over Morrison footbridge and hopefully catch up to Vesna, Jane and Graeme.

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Mount Karetu 02 April 2017

We seven trampers sat off for Okuku pass to climb Mount Karetu on a clear and sunny Sunday morning. We arrived at the pass shortly after 9am to a cool breeze and blue skies. We were soon on our way following a well-maintained fence line to the ridge, which then took us directly to the summit. There was no actual track to follow, just those from previous trampers in the area, but it was a pleasant walk amongst the tussocks and snow grass.

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