Mist Opportunity. Kowai Stream, Sunday 18 Sept 2016

Three cars carried 13 people to the big pines. We were hoping to walk up to The Gap via Kowai Stream. A rare addition to the team was Paul and Susan Bingham with 12 year old son Oliver who's already a veteran of many trips. 

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Captain Thomas-Godley Road, 21st August 2016

Our party of 7 set off from the clock tower at Sumner at a favourable hour. After a short road bash to join the Captain Thomas Track we were soon gaining height and into a bit of bush, banter and bird song. We eventually joined Evans Pass Road and then joined the Crater Rim walkway which rewarded us with spectacular views across Lyttelton Harbour and the busy port

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Mount Thomas 28 August 2016

We the Magnificent Seven arrived at church corner to discuss plan B of our trip as Plan A had been canned for a later time due to strong NW gales forecast for the Pudding Hill Range. After a brief discussion we all agreed to take our tramping boots to Mount Thomas. We arrived at Wooded Gully camping area at 8 55am,and soon changed and on our way to the summit the Mt Thomas 1023meters.

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Magdelan Hut, Lewis Pass - 20th & 21st August

Magdelan hut is a small 6 bunk hut so we limited the group to one car load. The four of us left around 8.20 and arrived at the Boyle outdoor centre a couple of hours later. We chose to leave the car in the outdoor centre for safety and searched around for the caretakers to pay our fee. Eventually they surfaced and we were surprised at the abuse and insults from the male caretaker as we approached. Luckily his partner was much more hospitable and treated us to a cuppa and biscuits. We learnt that there was somebody living in the hut on a semi permanent basis but no others planning to go to Magdelan. It was no guarantee as others could have parked in the main car park or be coming in from the opposite direction. Keith had retained the club gear from his previous trip so we had a tent just incase.

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Mount Lyndon 7th August 2016

Four intrepid trampers turned up on a cold sunny winter’s day for a walk in the snow. Due to transportation limitations, Red Hill was swapped for Mount Lyndon and turned out to be a great alternative. Keith was a fantastic leader (he told me to write that), and we set off from the parking area at Lake Lyndon just over Porters Pass.

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