Three Mile Stream – McMillan Stream – 25-26 November

Bill got us to the locked gate at the top end of Loch Katrine in the Prado. A late start saw us having lunch soon after at Lake Sumner. The shorts touched the water upon crossing the end of the lake. We saw a native falcon at track junction to 3-mile stream. There were four others at the seven-bed hut so room for us. Sunday was a very pleasant walk down to the Hurunui and across to the swing bridge. A 6hr day back to the vehicle. A great place to visit, enjoyed by Bill Templeton, Marina Ilina and Peter Umbers

Dun Fiunary - 17-19 November

Seven of us arrived at Ferintosh Station by Lake Pukaki to find Milan already there. After a chat to the lady in charge, we set off up Whale Stream. With the river flowing swiftly and the track not maintained, progress wasn’t fast. A reasonable campsite was found at about 400m.

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Foggy Peak - Sunday 29 Oct 2017

Fine weather lured fourteen PTCers to Porters Pass for this easy-moderate 800m climb to 1741m Foggy Peak. Leader, Gary stayed near the tail-enders while Merv pushed for the top and then went part-way to Castle Hill Peak.

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Wild Cattle Hill (Banks Peninsula) – Sunday 19 November ‘17

With a large anticyclone weather system firmly anchored over much of the South Island, good weather for this day trip seemed guaranteed.  The morning dawned with a clear blue sky and still conditions that lasted the entire day. The 13 of us gathered at PMH for this trip bundled into three cars and headed off for Puari (the Port Levy settlement) where we parked next to the Marae.  Jet skis were already whizzing around on the bay and we were all hoping that we weren’t going to hear them during the day.

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Te Oka Reserve - Devils Gap - Sunday 22 Oct 2017

With a car at each end of our walk, six trampers made the short climb to Te Oka Peak and were thrilled with the view of Little River, Lake Forsyth, Lake Ellesmere and the whole length of Kaitorete Spit on this clear, sunny day. Thanks to a wet spring the hills were very green.

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