1st Peak of Binser - 30 July 2017

The three peaks of Binser are visible from lots of angles when driving west. Approached up the Mt White road, the first hour is a walk in up the Binser Saddle track to very near the saddle, before turning south off the track and heading up through the bush to the bushline. It is then a steady climb up a spur to the first of the three peaks at 1753m.

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East Enders Track - 16 July 2017

On a fine Sunday morning at 9am our eight assembled at Barnett Park and lead by Helen--our very experienced east ender--headed up the quite muddy track towards the summit road. The Barnett Park track that goes to caves is disused since the Christchurch quakes.

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Moa – Unknown - Wilberforce  3 – 5 June 2017

Aarn and I first did this trip at QB weekend 2002 along with Yvette and two others. I scheduled it again twice including in 2013 when we were ready to go but the norwester wasn’t going to be fun. So this time, at last, the weather on Sat and Mon was looking good and Sunday was forecast as a bit wet but not much wind.

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High Peak - 14 May 2017

We arrived at Quartz Hill Station on this frosty Sunday morning and placed vehicles at the point we planned to walk to. The start was up a muddy vehicle track on tussocky hills. Volcanic rocks projected in places as our dozen trampers climbed a foot track.

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Nina - Lucretia - Brass Monkey - Lewis Tops 22-23 April 2017

Four signed on for this trip but on the day Merv and Kerry were waiting by Merv’s car for a no-show who’d cancelled at the last minute but the message didn’t get through on time. When Kerry checked his answering machine there was the message so we drove the short distance to Peter’s place and parked Merv’s car in favour of Peter’s smaller machine.

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