Captain Thomas Track - Godley Head - Sunday 1 April 2018

Sixteen eager trampers assembled by the Sumner clock tower on a calm, sunny Easter Sunday. Leader Helen knew the streets of Sumner to navigate to get us past the horse paddock and on to the Captain Thomas Track.

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EASTER: 29 March – 2 April 2018 – Fyffe River- Mt. Owen – Bulmer

The circuit proposed for this trip was the same as Easter 2007, i.e.

Fri: Into Frying Pan Creek, over to Fyffe River and a full day up the Fyffe to Branch Creek Hut.

Sat: Navigate east to camp in tarns area south of Sanctuary Basin. Afternoon explore from there.

Sun: Continue south to Mt Owen, then drop off west to reach the top of the Bulmer lake amphitheatre. Camp at the lake’s southern end.

Mon: Down Bulmer Creek through the bluffs and out down the Owen River.

The forecast had iffy weather due Saturday, so rather than camp in the open tarns area, Plan B would be to drop north to Granity Pass Hut, 12 bunk, for the night, then return south on Sunday.

To get an early start on Friday morning, camping in the reserve out the back of the Owen River Tavern on Thursday night has been the easiest option. So we left Derek’s place at 1.00pm, stopped in Murchison for a coffee, and then drove up to Owen River. The reserve was a surprise. Fifteen other vehicles plus us. Good to see Juicy vans paying $20 to stay where there are toilets. We set up the tents then wandered up to the tavern where, perhaps despite the pub food, dinner was enjoyable and convivial.

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Elcho Col - Brodrick Pass- 8-12 March 2018

Liz, is an Otago lass, who visited the Brodrick Hut on her honeymoon but had not reached the Landsborough.  She had scheduled this trip several times only to be denied by the weather.  This, however, was going to be the year.  

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Flagpole -- 18 March 2018

Seven enjoyed a calm clear day on this hill near Glentunnel. We parked and walked in front of the implement shed to get onto the vehicle track that leads up the spur. At the top we saw no flags but there are a few poles and things holding up a mass of communications equipment.

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Serpentine Range 22 -25 February 2018

Put on your feathers’ Gary said as our group, warming up in the morning sun, were discussing down jackets. What prompted this subject was my mishap the previous evening, where unbeknown to me, I’d torn the back of my down jacket after catching it on a rock.

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