Blister Prevention                   From Kev


I did some research and this is what I found

    • Tincture of benzion (seems to be used in aromatherapy a lot) can be used to harden your feet before going tramping.
  • I have also been told of a US army trick, wearing women’s nylon ankle stockings under your tramping socks to reduce friction. (I haven’t tried this yet)
  • If you regularly get blisters in the same area try applying surgical tape before starting the tramp.
  • Check your toe nails for ingrown or sharp edges and trim short before trips

Description: Benzoin is derived from a resin.  The Benzoin tree is from Java, Sumatra and Thailand.  It grows up to 8 meters (20 feet) in height, and it is extracted when deep incisions are made in the trunk of the tree.  The grayish color sap exudes and when it becomes hard and brittle, it is collected from the bark.  The benzoin tincture has a characteristic sweet, balsamic, vanilla like scent. 
The Benzoin Tincture is for external use only, and is suitable as a mild stimulant and as an antiseptic.

Benzoin (Styrax benzoin) - Essential Oil/Resin: Is good for skin lesions, cracked and chapped hands and feet, chilblains athletes foot and ballet dancers cracked toes.


Foot Blisters

Usually you can feel when a blister is starting; early treatment can prevent the blister from developing fully.  When you feel the start of blister do the following:

  • Take off your boots and socks and remove any sand or gravel.
  • Dry your feet and wring out water from your socks if necessary.
  • Cover the sore area with a surgical tape, plaster, moleskin or second skin (I hear merino wool is very good)
  • When putting socks back on make sure there are no creases to cause more problems.
  • Remove plaster overnight to allow your feet to dry out and harder.

Fluid in blisters

  • If your blisters are filled with fluid, I find it best to burst these with a clean needle at the side of the blister and drain the fluid which relieves the pressure, keeping the skin in place put a thin gauze then surgical tape over the blister (or you can use special plaster that covers the area)
  • Remove plaster overnight to allow your feet to dry out and harder.
  • Do not use benzion on open wounds as it contains alcohol and will sting.


Hope this helps           Kev