Leading a club trip can be a bit a daunting for new leaders, especially when it comes to planning the evening meals, and catering for omnivores, vegetarians and the gluten free. For those running multiday trips, menu planning brings additional challenges as leaders have to consider nutrition, ensuring there is plenty of variety, the type of trip and terrain, the energy demands of the party while at the same time maintaining pack weights within reasonable limits.       CLICK To READ MORE

Dinner Recipes                                                                               cooking crane 1


Bacon and miso noodles Beans au mushroom TTC Biryani TTC Buckland Peaks satay pasta Chicken Korma Chicken satay
Creamy tuna spirals Curried chick peas Curried Mince TTC Fish Curry Fish pasta Fruit curry TTC
Lentil & rice casserole TTC Lentil & tomato stew TTC Lentil Bolognaise Lentil Extravaganza TTC Macaroni Cheese TTC Macaroni Cheese
Moroccan lamb couscous Nachos TTC One pot Grain & Seafood TTC Red lentil curry Rice mixed veges salami & cheese Salami bolognaise
Spicy Lentils and Rice  TTC Spinach Spaghetti  TTC Sweet & Sour Mince TTC Sweet & sour noodles Sweet and Sour Fresh Vegetables TTC Sweet and Sour Nuts TTC
Chicken, Mushroom and Red Wine Casserole TTC Chili con carne TTC Chilli Lentils TTC Creamy rice Green chicken curry Green Herb Pilaf
Italian mince and veges Lemon Dahl Mince and Noodles Mince Vegetable stew  TTC Moroccan couscous (1) Moroccan couscous (2)
Savoury Lentils TTC Savoury Mince TTC Shepherds pie Spaghetti Bolognaise Thai red pork curry

SAMPLE MENU (Leo Manders)

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